Singing for body and soul.

It’s no secret that singing is good for you. MUSIC, is good for you. So naturally, why not ensure that your youngsters are reaping the benefits of a tra-la-la sing song!

So is there any science behind it? Of course there is…. Let’s focus on the benefits of singing, and explore why we should all be singing a little more and living a little better!

Singing is an exercise and choir is a team sport. A properly trained opera singer really is the iron man of the creative world in my eyes. The number of muscles they engage in order to produce a sound that can be heard at the back of an auditorium and over the top of a full scale orchestra…. astounds me. Sing properly, and it’s a full scale workout. I try to get kids to start identifying a few of these key muscle groups we use in singing from the word GO.

Singing is therefore an aerobic exercise.  It gets your heart and lungs working and at Musicato the kids are far from standing still for a whole session!

There once was a very brainy person at Harvard, who proved that singing long term in a choir, actually prolonged life expectancy. According to him, there were some very dedicated choir-goers out in Connecticut who were growing old very gracefully!

So you’re exercising two of your most vital organs- it’s a good start.

Singing ALSO improves your mental state.

As adults we tend to run around like headless chickens these days. You’ve missed your connection, you’re late to collect from the play date and poor little Tommy is hungry for dinner. WAAAAAA. And the cortisol is released by the bucket load.

It’s not just us ‘big people’ who get stressed. People are forever talking about the added pressures that children and young people are faced with today, without them picking up on our own stress energies!

Don’t worry- singing is here to help! Singing lowers cortisol levels and releases your happy hormones… endorphins are released all from belting out a good tune. And singing in a choir is collaborative, social and bonding- all so good for a child’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

When it comes to Musicato, we’re always leading the children with a good vocal technique. We take a minute to listen to our breath and feel where it comes from. We start engaging the right singing muscles from the start, and we encourage a whole lot of noisy fun! The endorphins are flowing, the stress levels are flying out the window, and little Tommy can go home to his dinner a happy boy.

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