The story behind Musicato

I suppose I have a lot to thank The Beatles for. Not only have I been serenaded to with Hey Jude more times than you can shake a stick at, but you’ll find me in a multitude of phone books saved as Hey Jude also. I get Hey Jude in my Birthday cards, text messages, gifts of canvas pictures… need I go on?

haven meAt the age of 10, wearing a dreadful iridescent pair of John Lennon style spectacles, I paraded on stage at a Cornish Haven campsite and sang When I’m Sixty Four, to my delight coming in first place at the Talent Show and winning a week long holiday for my family.

Alongside thanking Paul McCartney, I also thank my amazing Mum for investing her student loan into buying her eldest ‘noisy’ daughter a piano. Week after week, I was driven to piano lessons, singing lessons, ballet lessons, tap lessons, stage school… and all the accompanying exams that came with them! The musical traffic light was set to green and off I went on my destined musical journey… finally arriving today at Musicato.

haven me 2

Returning to Haven in the Autumn to reclaim my title. Came in 2nd place this time. Should have worn my sunglasses.

Once a musician, always a musician. Even when I thought my career was veering off far far away from the stave, it quickly became apparent that I wasn’t myself or doing what made me… me. I put the brakes on corporate life, and started working as a Nanny in South Kensington. I already felt more fulfilled and satisfied with my new lifestyle- the one thing about working with kids, is they somehow make you smile, every day.

Without even realising, music was slowly creeping back into my world. I was teaching piano again, singing with the babies, helping the eldest with her cello. I spent the whole of a Winter term taking the two eldest to singing class- and putting it bluntly, I couldn’t believe what I was watching or hearing. Where was the music?

This particular class was CHAOS. As each week went by, my desire to start my own music class grew. I never thought I would go back to teaching music, but now, I felt like it was the only thing that I wanted to do.

I could go on and on about how much I believe in a really good sing song. And I will in future blogs! But for now, I just wanted to explore a little about where Musicato has come from and what I hope it to be. Musicato is far from the draughty village hall choirs of bygone days- its musical morals lay firmly in sparking that initial interest in a child’s mind to chase a musical dream. Choir is a place to make friends, sing great songs that they can ‘perform’ at home for the rest of the week, and come away knowing a little bit more after every lesson.

Music can be a hobby, a great skill, a career… and don’t get me started on the benefits of a good musical education! Even the boring bits can be delivered in an enjoyable way (time to drag out the Rudiments of Theory if any fellow musicians out there care to reminisce!). Musicato focuses on boosting performance confidence and creativity, whilst also teaching a proper vocal technique and basis of a musical education that can be built on throughout a child’s years.

‘Musos’ as we used to call ourselves at Uni- we like to stick together! And I’m so pleased that my best choir buddy of many years is coming to join us and teach with me at Musicato. Together, and supported by other talented classically trained musicians, we can’t wait to bring a whole lot of tuneful noise to the Little People of South West London.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to sharing our musical venture with you and your family.

For more information on Musicato, have a peek at our website at All bookings can be made via the website and via Facebook.

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